Childbirth Education Class

Childbirth Education

This course is for all expecting parents, no matter what type of birth your planning. Topics covered include anatomy and physiology, physical changes during pregnancy, fetal development, nutrition, preterm labor warning signs, normal labor, labor positions, medications, and birth plans.

Our Childbirth Education Courses are lead by Lisa Follet, CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator.

Upcoming class dates & formats:

  • Saturday October 6, 2018           ONE & DONE        8am – 12pm
  • Saturday November 3, 2018       ONE & DONE        8am – 12pm
  • Saturday December 8, 2018        ONE & DONE        8am – 12pm
  • Saturday January 5, 2019           ONE & DONE        8am – 12pm

Must be a patient of BELLINGHAM OB/GYN to register and attend this class. Partners, support person or family member are welcome but we do limit this class to one support person only. Cost of One & Done is $85 and payment is required when registering for the class.