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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

The well-being and safety of our patients is our highest priority. In keeping with CDC guidelines, if you are experiencing a fever, cough, or respiratory symptoms, please call our office before coming in to the clinic. We are requiring all patients wear a mask or face covering to their scheduled appointment(s). If your appointment allows for a support person, they will also be required to wear a mask or face covering.
We also offer Telemedicine. Click here for more information.
COVID-19 Pregnancy birth and caring for your baby | Letter to CBC patients | Women’s Health ACOG | ACOG on Vaccine Safety | For the most current advisories about COVID-19 (Novel Coronoavirus) please visit:
Washington State Department of Health | Centers for Disease Control | World Health Organization

COVID-19 Vaccination Considerations for Obstetric–Gynecologic Care