BOGA Now Offering Twin Education Classes

Bellingham OB/GYN is pleased to offer twin education classes! The classes go in rotation and cover three main topics:

Class I:
-Types of twins (mono-di, di-di)
-General care of  twin pregnancies (including general ultrasound and appointment patterns)
-Potential complications

Class II:
-Review of potential complications
-Labor & delivery (to include information about epidurals, OR delivery location, c-sections)
-Birth plans
-Special care nursery/NICU

Class III:
-Preparing to bring babies home
-Care of twins (schedules of feeding, sleeping and diapers)
-Breasfeeding or formula feeding
-Postpartum care

Class I will be held on June 24th, from 5pm-6:30pm.
Class II is scheduled for July 29th, from 5pm-630pm.
Class III is scheduled for August 26th, from 5pm-6:30pm.
*Classes can be subject to cancellation if not enough patients enroll.

Twin patients can call us and register with our front office staff.  Spouses are permitted, but not required, to attend. The charge will be $15 for BOGA patients(&spouse/partner) and $20 for any other patients(&spouse/partner), to be paid at the time of registration.

See you in class!