Your first appointment is generally with the physician to confirm your pregnancy and includes an ultrasound. If you are due for your annual exam it is often done at the same appointment.  Please allow 1 – 2 hours for this appointment. Occasionally individual differences in pregnancies direct alternative sequencing of initial appointments. Please call us as soon as you suspect you are pregnant so we can set up the best care.

Subsequent appointments will be with one of the physicians for checkups. Patients are generally seen monthly for the first two trimesters and twice weekly or weekly in the third trimester. If problems, concerns, or complications arise we can see patients for urgent care or extra appointments. Pelvic exams are usually done at the beginning and at the end of the pregnancy. Ultrasound are performed at our office. When scheduled for an ultrasound, please find alternative childcare.

You are welcome to bring your support person(s) to your appointments. We encourage you to find alternative childcare due to the fact this appointment is rather long and may include an annual exam.

We rotate our “on-call” days so we always have a well-rested physician caring for you. One of us is assigned to deliver all of the babies for Bellingham OB/GYN each day. Therefore we suggest you meet each of the physicians during the course of your prenatal care. We recognize, though, that patients may prefer to schedule appointments with specific providers. We will do our best to accommodate these preferences, please let us know what works best for you when scheduling your visits.