Welcome to Bellingham OB/GYN’s Women’s Health Resource page. This page was created to give all Bellingham OB/GYN patients access to medical based articles about commonly asked questions. This page is for women of all ages with a wide range of questions.

Obstetric and Gynecologic patient information




Allergies Claritin, Chlor-Trimeton, Benadryl
Cold Rest, increase fluids, cool mist vaporizer
    – Congestion Sudafed, ½% Neo-Synephrine Nasal Spray, Ayr nasal spray
    – Cough Robitussin D
Sore Throat Throat lozenges such as Cepacol or Chloraseptic. Fisherman’s Friend. Gargle with warm salt water.
Constipation Increase fluids, bran flakes, Metamucil or Fiber-Con, Colace or Surfak. Milk of Magnesia safe if used sparingly.
Diarrhea Bland diet; Imodium
Dizziness or Fainting Call office
Fever Tylenol, plain, Call office if fever is greater than 100.4 or persists
Flu, General Aches & Pain Rest, Tylenol or Extra Strength Tylenol (1,000 mg every 6 hours)
Headaches Tylenol or Extra-Strength Tylenol. Do not exceed package dose
Hemorrhoids Tucks; Anusol or Wyanoids hemorrhoid suppositories, Preparation HC
Indigestion (Heartburn) Maalox, Mylanta, Rolaids or Tums; Zantax or Pepci
Insomnia Tylenol PM
Leg Cramps Mylanta: 2 teaspoons at bedtime. Calcium/magnesium supplement
Nausea Push fluids if frequent, small amounts. You may try any of the following: Emetrol, Meclizine, Dramamine 25mg, Vitamin B-6 25mg 3-4 times per day alone or with Unisom (doxylamine) ½ tablet two times a day
Skin itching Aveeno soap, Aveeno lotion, Keri lotion, Benadryl lotio
Swelling Call office if persistent or significate, especially in late pregnancy
Urinary Frequency Drink plenty of fluids, especially cranberry juice, avoid coffee, tea and caffeine. If fever, chills, or pain when urinating, call office.
Varicose Vein Elevate legs, support hose, Jobst hose