3D Ultrasounds

3D Keepsake Ultrasounds are now offered to patients of Bellingham OB/GYN. 3D Keepsake Ultrasounds are non-diagnostic ultrasound that patients can get anytime between their 28th & 34th week of pregnancy. 3D Keepsake Ultrasounds are special because you get to see your baby in live motion! Printed images and live motion clips are given during these sessions. We provide a relaxing environment, certificated and highly trained sonographers along with weekday appointments to fit all of our patient’s needs and wants! Insurance does not cover this type of ultrasound, please contact our clinic for availability along with pricing.

Best results:

Being well hydrated helps optimize the ultrasound image, therefore we recommend drinking adequate amount of water for a few days prior to and of the day of ultrasound

Have a snack consisting of natural sugars right before your appointment

We recommend you consult your physician prior to scheduling your 3D ultrasound to see if you’re a good candidate.

Some factors out of our control that effect image quality:

Anterior Placenta

Positioning of baby

Maternal factors; such as dehydration and/or excessive abdominal adipose tissue.

  • 30 Minute sessions avaiable
  • Session images saved on a DVD
  • Session video clips saved on a DVD
  • Black/White printed images
  • Gender confirmation (upon request)