Resource Nurse & Emergencies

Routine medical questions should be directed to our office between 8:00 to 4:00 Monday through Friday except for holidays.  We have a Resource Nurse available by phone during those hours to answer questions and begin evaluation of problems.  You may leave a voice message for her, but please be brief; she will call you back for details and further discussion.  Please let the receptionist know if your call is of an emergent or urgent nature, and your call will be attended to as soon as possible.  If you develop a problem that you feel requires urgent attention, it is important to call early in the day to talk with the Resource Nurse so that an appointment can be scheduled appropriately with a physician or the nurse practitioner as needed.  If your question or problem is non-emergent, the Resource Nurse will return your call within a couple of hours, but please stay available by the phone to receive the call or let us know when we can reach you.

If urgent or emergent questions or problems arise outside of office hours, we always can be reached on a 24-hour basis through our answering service at 715-2441.  Please indicate to the answering service the urgency of your call.  If you do not get a return call shortly, it may be because we are taking care of another emergent problem, in surgery, or delivering a baby.  In such cases if we have not gotten back to you within one hour, please call the answering service.  In the case of emergencies, the Childbirth Center at St. Joseph Hospital, 738-6360 can also be called directly.