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Bellingham OB/GYN has strong measures in place to keep our clinic safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is so we can continue to see patients who require an in-person visit with their provider at one of our clinics.

We also need to offer alternative options for office visits, such as video conferencing, so we can support the care of our patients in new ways.

Bellingham OB/GYN can now provide certain types of care through a telemedicine visit. This offers added convenience for our patients and further reduces COVID-19 exposure risk within our offices. We highly recommend telemedicine and are excited to offer this new option!

How it works:

Telemedicine is a safe, easy option for many types of medical concerns. You will see and speak to your provider using video conferencing technology. The first step is scheduling:

  • Staff may reach out to you to change an existing in-office visit to telemedicine.
  • You can request a telemedicine visit when you call to schedule an appointment.

If staff are unsure whether telemedicine is appropriate, they will discuss it with your provider. If your provider decides it is better to see you in person, please understand this decision is made to provide the most complete, appropriate care.

For a telemedicine visit, you will need:

  • A smartphone or monitor with a forward-facing camera and audio
  • Reliable Internet connection

To start a telemedicine appointment:

You may be surprised at how easy it is to do a telemedicine visit!

  • Depending on the device you are using, your provider will send a link via text or email for you to log in to a virtual waiting room. We use a secure website called “DoxyMe” for telemedicine.
  • Your provider will start the visit and talk to you via video to evaluate and treat your medical concern.


Telemedicine visits are billed just like a normal in-office visit.

  • Copay and/or deductible may apply, depending on your specific insurance plan.
  • You will receive a bill in the mail that shows the amount you owe after your insurance plan has paid their portion.
  • There may be times when a telemedicine visit needs to be converted to an in-office visit. In these instances, there would not be a charge associated with the telemedicine portion of the care.

When to use telemedicine:

Telemedicine is a safe, effective option for a variety of visit types:

  • Routine OB visits
  • Routine follow-up visits for chronic conditions
  • Routine medication review
  • Mild cases of cold, cough, sore throat, sinus infections, vomiting, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, etc. (especially if you are otherwise healthy)
  • Mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety

Visits that are not appropriate for telemedicine:

The following types of visits typically require a physical exam, which must be done in person.

  • Wellness exams (Annual exams)
  • Comprehensive health assessments
  • Severe infections
  • Other complex or severe medical issues that require an in-person evaluation

Your provider will always be the one to determine if your specific medical concern is appropriate for telemedicine.

We ask for your understanding and patience as we get started with this new program– it is a new technology for all of us!

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