Office hours are by appointment.Bellingham OBGYN Staff
Our office telephone is answered by our receptionist during regular office hours, 8:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday. When calling to schedule an appointment, please give as much information as possible so that the proper amount of time may be allotted for your visit. Although appointments for routine exams or for evaluation of long-term problems may need to be scheduled several weeks in advance, we have time reserved each day for patients with urgent problems, so please let our receptionist know if you feel your situation is urgent. If you are unable to keep your appointment we would appreciate at least a 24 hour notice so we can utilize that time for someone else who may be in need of an appointment.

We occasionally run behind in our schedule because of urgent obstetrical issues or delays in surgery. We make every effort to inform you and offer alternative scheduling options.

Employer / Medical Leave Forms

Our requests for medical leave forms more than doubled from previous years. The complexity of the forms has also increased. We pay clinical staff to fill out the papers that are requested by your employer or insurance company. We help by providing the requested information to help with your healthcare.

$40 for FMLA Packets (includes sales tax)
Any additional packets are $12 each (includes sales tax)

We make every effort to get them completed within 7-10 business days, but please allow us time by bringing them into to us as soon as you know you need them. Please do not wait until the day before they are due to be turned in as we cannot accommodate that quick of a turn around.